Another blog? By another broke writer? Really? Why, yes…

Why read more rambling on at the edges of the internet wilderness, from a writer who owns no property and lives a modest life hardly reflective of the ever demanding and expanding American dream? I mean, seriously….isn’t there enough on YouTube to keep you happily entertained and wired in?

Of course there is. But perhaps, if you are a writer, someone broke, someone arty, someone struggling, someone who writes, someone who wants to write, perhaps you can find a bit of written comfort here. The world is getting lonelier and more disconnected, and the purpose of this is to connect. So if anything posted here in the future interests you, let me know. Share your thoughtful responses. Dialogue creates insight, insight creates a whole mound of things, most of them inspiring. Let’s turn a deadened diary format into something more dynamic. As a line in one of my favorite songs by the Texas band Spoon goes, “I’ll picture for you, if you picture for me…”



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2 Responses to Another blog? By another broke writer? Really? Why, yes…

  1. Ree Vera says:

    Hey there! It’s so wonderful to see a fellow writer getting their ramblings out there for the world to see. I love your blunt way of saying: Hey, this is me and you should definitely read this! I hope you post more. I didn’t see any posts for March thought. Unless it’s my computer being wacky again. If you would be so kind as to email me when you post again that would be fantastic!

  2. CD Mitchell says:

    Hello! Your opening blog reminded me of my opening page on the dysfunctional website I am trying to build:
    “Since I am a penniless, broke author, I am also the webmaster. If there is anything wrong with this website, email me!”
    I look forward to reading more!

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