girl on bed

Here’s what they never tell you,

In those stories you are read, before bed,

Even after the closet is checked for monsters,

The light is turned on in the hall,

And you are tucked in so you feel the world outside may be infinite

but it couldn’t be that insane.


Here’s what they never tell you,

About the one day you will wake up and wonder,

how the monsters in the closet could have ever scared you,

when the world outside is so infinite and so insane,

And in your brain there are more frightening things

than Hollywood can convey.


And the bottom will feel like it

is always falling out,

And you will wish you had any bed to hold on to,

to look under, to hide in.

And when all that infinite feels like it is eating you alive,

And all you can do is cry,

You will hope for a light to turn on outside,

in any hallway you can find

to run through.

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