The Queen of Hard Lessons

The Queen of Hard Lessons
sits awake at the table,
her legs open wide,
her knife sharp and ready,
pressed against her thigh,
she’s been fucked before,
she doesn’t ask why.

Her eyes are dark circles,
heartbreak fills her frame,
She’s added the costs,
She knows what’s the same.
Her feet too callused
to be clay.

When she speaks they will laugh,
a dark wit drowns out pain,
You might call it earned wisdom,
she calls it disdain.

She surveys all the kingdoms,
but inside she dies,
The Queen of Hard Lessons
has learned not to cry.

She can put on a straight face,
when the world hits and chides,
She can choke down her memories,
Find the best way
to hide.

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2 Responses to The Queen of Hard Lessons

  1. Rosalie Trevino says:

    It’s awesome!!

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